Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Most Important Tips For The Care Of The Foot That You Need To Know

The most important advice for the care of feet you need to know

It is true that most of us neglect our feet. To take care of our feet normally takes a back seat compared to other treatments. But we must take care of our feet if we want to stay active and comfortable throughout the life out. To take care of our feet is important, as if damaged, so a simple task such as walking, can be a painful exercise. Foot care can be simple and easy. Here are some simple foot care that are not only good for the feet, but also relax.

1 * Take care of your feet regularly to keep calluses under control. Use a pumice stone or foot scrub to remove dead skin abrasive and rough. If the skin is not removed, it will become hard and thick, and can become cracked and infected making walking difficult.


* 2. Give your feet a foot bath. Place a marble basin in the water bath and turn around his feet on them to stimulate the nerve endings. Pick up the marbles with the toes, flex and contract feet and toes, and then let out the marbles. This will allow the arches and muscles of the feet to stretch.


3 * Get a foot massage from time to time. Ask your loved one to stay away from giving you a foot massage. At the same time you can have a foot massage, which is very relaxing. Add a few drops of essential oil of peppermint cream for a sensational treat for your feet.


* 4 The skin on the soles of your feet do not have oil glands to soften them. Then use a good moisturizer every day. Every night put a generous amount of cream on your feet before going to bed and pull on a pair of cotton socks.


* 5 Each time you buy shoes as you get your feet. Measure your feet standing and not seated. The shape of your feet changes with age because of the daily pressure and pregnancy. Your feet tend to widen and lengthen with age.


* 6. Replace shoes every 6 months as shoes worn and lose their ability to support your feet properly. This can lead to foot, leg and back fatigue and problems. If your job requires you to be standing all day, you should change your shoes every 6 months.

To maintain healthy feet you must make an effort and care of your feet. This can prevent many foot conditions that affect the feet. The sooner you start taking care of your feet the sooner they will care for you. It is important to your health foot becomes a daily routine. Like teeth, hair and skin are important, so are healthy feet. Below, Dr. Foot 20 foot care tips. If you have diabetes, consult your podiatrist State registered before you follow all instructions.

General advice:

1. Do not forget the pain. Painful feet are not normal. Many foot conditions can be improved, if you visit a podiatrist as soon as possible.

 2. Wash your feet daily with warm water and soap. Do not soak your feet, because it can cause them to become too dry

4th.Apply moisturizer on the feet, except between the toes.

5. Examine your feet regularly. Pay special attention to changes in color and temperature of your feet.

6th You must contact a chiropodist if your nails are thick, hard and discolored.

7. Any growth on your feet, corns and calluses and warts should be monitored.

 8. Peeling of the skin or dry skin should be treated. Seek the advice of a pedicure.

9. If your feet are itching, which may be a sign of a fungal infection of the skin. Ask a podiatrist.

10th Remove any hard skin, you may gently with a pumice stone or skin file. It is not wise to use a pumice stone or skin file a joint. If your injuries are common, consult a podiatrist.

11. Cut toenails with nail clippers. Cut them straight across and not too short. Do not cut the corner cam lead growing feet. Diabetic patients should have their nails cut by a state registered podiatrist.

12. Select the right foot shoes. Check out our shoes, and our health section.

13. Buy new shoes late in the day when feet tend to be as broad as possible.

14th Wear shoes new slowly and remember new shoes should not hurt your feet.

15. Beware of home remedies for corns and warts, they can harm your skin.

16. Do not perform the surgery room, cut corn with a pair of scissors can be very dangerous and can cause other foot problems.

17. Avoid walking barefoot because their feet are more prone to injury and infection.

18th If you find yourself on a beach, put sunblock on your feet and the rest of your body.

19th Men must wear cotton socks that absorb moisture. Women should avoid excessively restrictive nylon tights.

 20. Always consult your podiatrist HPC registered, if you have a complaint on foot.